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Women in Data Launches on the Hedera Network with Support from the HBAR Foundation, Delivering on its Vision for a Diverse Web3

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Jessica Ravone
July 20, 2022

Today Women in Data launched its first non-fungible token (NFT) collection, tokenizing its memberships on the Hedera network and directly introducing its members to the Hedera ecosystem with support from The HBAR Foundation. 

Women in Data is providing members of its community easy access to NFTs and a Hedera wallet, whilst also delivering Web3 education, awareness, and a sense of belonging to a growing community of women. Soon members will also be rewarded with a Women in Data HTS token for completing educational courses.

Marganilized communities are often the last to participate in emerging technologies. Women in Data hopes to change this, driving diversity in emerging and growing fields such as data and Web3. Through this NFT collection, Women in Data is providing the perfect entry point for women into this industry whilst leveraging a technology that is inherently designed to give power back to the individual.

By deciding to leverage the efficiencies of the Hedera network another barrier of entry, cost, is removed. Minting a collection of 10,000 NFTs Hedera will always cost $76.80 and trading fees are negligible – on other networks prohibitively high gas fees have often meant many cannot participate in the technology.

“We know that technology can offer empowerment, especially for women and girls,” said Sadie St. Lawrence, CEO of Women in Data.  “Unfortunately, historically, we have seen that when new technologies emerge, it is often marginalized groups who have access last.” 

As data enthusiasts, Women in Data is excited about the possibilities that exist with data in Web3 and wants to create an entry point to this space for more women and diverse communities. To do so, instead of building a community around an NFT collection, Women in Data decided to build an NFT collection around its existing community.

Women in Data is embracing this new technology and tokenizing its membership to help members not only see themselves as women in data but also to remind them that they belong here. Members will receive an NFT, which not only represents the transactional value of their annual membership but also visually represents their support of Women in Data’s mission. Through the member token, many will gain access to their first NFT and Hedera account.

Women in Data’s first NFT collection, Visionaries, was created by the community, for the community. It celebrates all of the bold and diverse women in data, and their vision for the future. The Visionaries are looking to the future with their heads high, courageously leading the way in data and technology. 

Women in Data is planning to create a new NFT collection for each year of membership. Women in Data hopes this collection and future collections not only reflect and celebrate their diverse community - but also inspire more women to enter and explore Web3.

About Women in Data

Women in Data (WiD) is an international nonprofit organization founded in 2015. Concerned about the prospect of gender equality in a data-driven future, the first chapter of Women in Data was launched with a mission to increase diversity in data careers. Today, Women in Data is a global community of 30,000 data enthusiasts of all backgrounds located in more than 30 countries around the world coming together to increase awareness, create opportunities and empower women in data careers.