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Welcoming Demia to the Hedera Ecosystem: A Milestone in Advancing Trust in Carbon Markets

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Mat Yarger
December 6, 2023

Written by guest author Mat Yarger, CEO and Founder of Demia.

Demia integrates its Zero-Trust Data Model into the Hedera network, enabling a new privacy-preserving feature set for large-scale institutions like Allcot looking to leverage the Hedera Guardian.

Hedera and Demia: A Strategic Alliance for Environmental Data Integrity

We’re excited to announce that Demia has joined the Hedera ecosystem, marking a significant step forward in our mission to bring the balance sheet of the planet to the public ledger. This integration signifies our commitment to fostering trust and transparency in environmental data, a crucial factor in scaling carbon markets and enhancing the value of carbon credits.

Tackling the Trust Challenge in Carbon Markets with Demia

Trust is the linchpin of carbon markets. The integrity and ultimate value of carbon credits depend heavily on the trustworthiness of the underlying data. Demia, with its pioneering solutions and roots in the IOTA ecosystem, is perfectly aligned with our vision of enhancing data reliability in the carbon market sector. Their expertise in Zero Trust Data Solutions, including their innovative Zero-Trust Data Fabric, Zero-Knowledge File System (ZKFS), and Secure Data Wallets, is a game-changer in ensuring data security and privacy. Leveraging their history of work with Hedera Governing Council Member Dell Technologies, the Hedera Guardian will also benefit from integrations and advancements of Project Alvarium for quantifying the confidence we have in environmental data through distributed annotations. 

Demia Zero-Trust Layer Model
Empowering Carbon Market Stakeholders with Reliable Data

Our collaboration with Demia is set to streamline operations across the carbon market ecosystem. Demia has already been a leader in these efforts, actively collaborating with organizations like Gold Standard and the American Carbon Registry. Demia’s leadership and our joint efforts in Open Collaboration Working Groups aim to establish digital infrastructure and open APIs, crucial for scaling the supply of projects through digital monitoring and reporting of environmental impacts and setting guidelines for the appropriate use of distributed ledger technology across carbon markets with more than 70 active Working group members. These efforts will continue to advance and benefit the various stakeholders in carbon markets:

  • For Project Developers: Demia’s solutions aim to significantly reduce the operational expenses and time associated with auditing and certification processes with real-time, streamlined data. 
  • For Auditors and Verification and Validation Bodies: By providing access to comprehensive and trustworthy data, Demia simplifies and enhances the verification process, ensuring verification and validation reports have less uncertainty and increasing confidence in credits issued.
  • For Carbon Market Standards and Registries: Together with Demia, we are working towards establishing digital infrastructure and open APIs. These efforts are crucial in scaling digital monitoring and reporting and amplifying the impact of environmental projects.
  • For Marketplaces, Brokers, Exchanges, and Purchasers: These efforts play a pivotal role in increasing transparency of the purchase and distribution of carbon credits and trust in the project impact that they’re associated with. Demia’s solutions ensure these transactions are backed by reliable and verifiable data, promoting integrity in carbon neutrality efforts.

Demia has already been in long-standing discussions with the project developer and Hedera ecosystem member Allcot, who is looking to implement Demia and the Hedera Guardian in projects throughout West Africa. 

Demia is a pioneer in the deployment and integration of cutting-edge solutions advancing carbon project development processes and validation. Their commitment to precision, effectiveness, and scalability aligns perfectly with ALLCOT’s objective to deliver transparent and innovative operations to multiple stakeholders. We look forward to a productive collaboration and a solid ally in our common goal of scaling up solutions against climate change” ~ Raphaël De Ry, CEO, Allcot IO

Project Alvarium: Enhancing Data Trustworthiness

In our collective pursuit of data integrity, Demia’s integration with Dell Technologies’ Project Alvarium stands out. The Hedera Guardian will now leverage this initiative to incorporate trust scoring and annotations. This will help verify data integrity from its source, offer an additional layer of validation, and provide a means to measure the confidence in the impact projects make. Utilizing Guardian audit trails and analytics, Demia acts as an oracle, offering attestations on data integrity and trust chain verification. This system is not limited to carbon markets; its implications span various decentralized processes, ensuring the veracity and trustworthiness of information.

A Warm Welcome to Demia’s Leaders

Joining us in this ambitious endeavor are Mat Yarger and Dyrell Chapman, the founders behind Demia and former core members of the IOTA Foundation. Under Mat and Dyrell's leadership, Demia will hire new Hedera-focused employees who will join them to help us in our mission to bring the balance sheet of the planet to the public ledger. Their leadership and expertise are invaluable as we embark on this path to revolutionize the carbon market ecosystem.

Demia’s Zero Trust Data Fabric and Zero Knowledge File System

Demia's approach does not rely on tokenization in its ZKFS or Zero Trust Data Fabric implementations. Instead, they focus on the immutable storage of dynamic data, guaranteeing security and accessibility. Demia’s systems provide:

  • Secure Identities: Using unique DIDs for businesses, facilities, and devices.
  • Cryptographic Signatures: Ensuring data authenticity and secure identity verification.
  • Privacy Control: Peer-to-peer management of data visibility.
  • Easy Access: Streamlined data sharing through user-friendly interfaces, tools, and open APIs.
  • Secure Transparency: On-chain data storage with encrypted access control.
  • Compartmentalization: Regulatory-compliant data storage, maintaining sovereignty and integrity.

This feature set now gives companies and countries full control and protection over their digital information, making it easy for those needing access to use and access it. This is essential for large-scale institutions looking to leverage public blockchain technology for highly data-sensitive use cases.

"Demia is leading the way with digital twins, enabling data we can trust. As we expand into the Hedera ecosystem, I'm filled with enthusiasm about the prospects this collaboration brings. The real incentive for interoperability and collaboration in carbon markets doesn't come from tokenization. Rather, it emerges from a commitment to immutable data and a collective digital infrastructure. This shared approach, championed by Demia and supported by the HBAR and IOTA Foundations, will catalyze real change, replacing competition with cooperation and driving us towards a more sustainable future." ~ Mat Yarger

Bridging Protocols for a Sustainable Future

The inclusion of Demia into the Hedera ecosystem represents our desire to bridge various protocols and platforms to create a unified, efficient, and trustworthy framework for managing environmental data. With Demia’s expertise, we are enhancing the Hedera network's capabilities in managing sensitive and critical data crucial for large-scale, environmentally-focused enterprises and projects.

Conclusion: A Unified Vision for Streamlined Carbon Markets

Hedera’s collaboration with Demia is more than just a technological collaboration. It is a stride towards creating a more interconnected, transparent, and reliable framework in the carbon market ecosystem. By integrating Demia's solutions into our infrastructure, we set new standards for data management, operational efficiency, and market integrity. Together, we are paving the way for a sustainable future where the true value of environmental projects is recognized and amplified.

We are excited about this partnership’s potential and are committed to working alongside Demia to bring about a substantial positive impact in the carbon markets and beyond.