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WallaWallet Launches the Latest Implementation of its Mobile Hedera Wallet

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Elaine Song
November 22, 2022

Today, we’re excited to share that WallaWallet, a Hedera native mobile wallet, has implemented the newest version of its mobile application.

In this latest update, the iOS and Android WallaWallet brings a list of exciting new features to market, including support for Hedera staking and an NFT gallery that supports feature-rich NFTs, popular OpenSea specifications, as well as NFT file nesting and multimedia NFTs.

By supporting file nesting and multimedia NFTs, WallaWallet enables creators to showcase the full spectrum of Hedera NFT utility, including single NFTs that can support multiple file types such as .pdf, .png, .mp4, .usdz, and more. 

WallaWallet ensures compatibility with the full Hedera NFT feature set from within a secure environment, further encouraging innovation in the Web3 space.

At the very core of the Hedera WallaWallet is an emphasis on enterprise-grade security, simplicity, and stability. A lot of people are looking for easy ways to manage their crypto holdings securely while they're on the go, and WallaWallet is designed from the ground up to meet this demand. 

To ensure the greatest degree of security, WallaWallet features include dedicated strong box technology (special chips embedded in the device that are designed to store the most sensitive data like private keys), ID checksums to prevent users from accidentally sending tokens to the wrong account, and biometric authentication for unlocking access and signing transactions. 

“Our vision is to provide an enterprise-grade digital wallet for consumers who want to safely explore the new frontiers of alternative money,” JR Fletcher, Co-founder of WallaWallet. “NFT creators and crypto users want more out of their NFT than just eternal jpegs. The newest version of WallaWallet opens the door to true NFT utility.”

By developing a safe environment for Hedera users, WallaWallet aims to give the community more control over their digital assets, whether they’re operating in the DeFi or NFT ecosystem, or just crypto dabblers looking to learn and experiment in the space.  

“Communities and ecosystems are built on trust in the network, dApps, builders, and most importantly the tooling.” Said Viv Diwakar, Director of Technology at The HBAR Foundation. “Users need to feel secure and confident to dip their toes in and experiment. Wallawallet's adherence to enterprise-class security best practices makes this possible. Their use of secure storage and execution systems and independent key management audits also give that added peace of mind.” 

About The HBAR Foundation

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About WallaWallet

WallaWallet is the first mobile wallet made for the HBAR community. Easy to download and use, WallaWallet delivers a simple, yet powerful experience for new and seasoned investors. It’s built with enterprise-grade security so you can safely buy, trade, and invest with the most trusted wallet, enjoyed by thousands of users, with millions of dollars secured.