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Validation Cloud Integrates With Hedera to Help Drive EVM Equivalence

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Grace Pfluger
August 17, 2023

Validation Clouds' fast RPC node and mirror node-as-a-service are expected to attract more EVM developers to the Hedera network.

We’re excited to announce that Validation Cloud, the fastest RPC node provider globally, has integrated its mirror node-as-a-service and RPC relay service into the Hedera network. 

Alongside providing the existing developer community on Hedera with more robust tooling, this integration takes us one step closer to EVM equivalence, ultimately enabling the wider EVM community to seamlessly migrate their applications and experience the power of the hashgraph.

Through this integration, the team at Validation Cloud brings industry-standard EVM tooling to the Hedera developer ecosystem, including its extremely fast and robust mirror node-as-a-service and industry-leading JSON RPC relay services.

“With Validation Cloud’s platform, users will now be able to easily connect to the Hedera Network through Mirror Node-as-a-service and JSON RPC Relay,” said Andrew McFarlane, Validation Cloud CTO. “Our technology stack was purpose-built for the needs of commercial applications, with global low latency, high throughput, and compliance in mind. We’re excited to see the innovative applications Hedera users will build with this enhanced connectivity to the network.” 

“The value of a high-performing node provider cannot be understated in this industry. For the Hedera network in particular, that’s currently pushing ~1300 TPS, high-performing node providers are even more critical,” said Grace Pfluger (BD, Crypto Economy Fund). “We’re looking forward to Validation Cloud’s product offering for both RPC and Mirror Node Services for users and dapps. Our partnership with Validation Cloud demonstrates both the Foundation’s commitment to supporting existing dapps and our belief that Hedera will continue to grow into this robust infrastructure.”

EVM Equivalence

The EVM is at the foundation of the existing wider Web3 developer community. Because of this, there is a multitude of educational programs, tools, and resources readily available to developers in the Ethereum ecosystem.

EVM equivalence enables Ethereum developers looking to build on the Hedera EVM to do so with minimal friction. Part of this means that existing industry-standard Ethereum developer tooling is integrated with the Hedera EVM, whilst upholding the inherent benefits of the hashgraph.

By bringing high speeds, a predictable gas fee model, fair ordering, and the flexibility of the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) and Hedera Token Service (HTS) to the wider EVM community, developers building on the Hedera EVM will benefit from unmatched power and flexibility. We firmly believe that this presents an opportunity for developers to unlock the next generation of decentralized applications in Web3. 

Validation Cloud

Through these integrations with Validation Cloud, developers can now seamlessly read from and write to the Hedera network. Already, SaucerSwap, ioBuilders, and Blade Wallet are part of initial beta testing.

"As a B2B Wallet-as-a-Service enterprise built on Hedera, Blade Labs is excited to beta test Validation Cloud's integration,” said Valera Oleksiienko, CTO, Blade Labs. “With our flagship product, Blade Wallet, offering dual network capabilities for Hedera and EVM accounts, we anticipate that Validation Cloud's RPC Node Relay and Mirror-node-as-a-service will enhance our service and empower users with expanded connectivity options. We look forward to leveraging this integration and exploring its technical potential."

Validation Cloud is the fastest RPC node provider globally, making mirror node and JSON RPC node connectivity to Hedera faster and more reliable. Users can now connect to the Hedera network in 10s of milliseconds from anywhere in the world with guaranteed reliability. 

Validation Cloud’s platform offers the critical infrastructure necessary to build exciting applications in DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and more. In order to build innovative crypto applications, you first need fast and reliable connectivity to networks. Validation Cloud is a key enabler for the crypto ecosystem, facilitating the development and deployment of various applications.

We look forward to seeing the next wave of innovators on Hedera leverage Validation Cloud to turbo-charge their applications.