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TYMLEZ Launches on Hedera with HBAR Foundation Support

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Wes Geisenberger
March 22, 2022

We are excited to announce that TYMLEZ has been awarded a grant from the HBAR Foundation. TYMLEZ will partner with Hedera to develop world-leading secure, trusted, and scalable carbon reporting solutions for ESG compliance, Guarantee of Origin (GO), and Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) ecosystems, leveraging TYMLEZ’s ability to ingest encrypted and verified data directly from IoT devices.  

TYMLEZ is a sustainability-focused enterprise-grade solutions provider that deploys leading software applications which leverage blockchain technology. They will focus on supporting clean energy and sustainability initiatives, along with other opportunities to develop products that rely on secure, trackable, and traceable data transfer on the Hedera network through the HBAR Foundation’s support. 

“The TYMLEZ team are incredibly honoured to be the first Australian recipient of this grant from the HBAR Foundation’s Sustainable Impact Fund. We are committed to delivering secure and trusted ecosystems to our clients that not only generate trusted and verifiable ESG reports or certificates, but provide a level of accuracy and transparency to our clients that is unmatched in the market. 

Working with Hedera has been crucial in securing recent pilot programs with major state governments and resource sector clients . We see the grant which we have been awarded by the HBAR Foundation today, as the next step in our further integration with the Hedera ecosystem. We look forward to an ongoing and prosperous relationship between our organisations,” said CEO of TYMLEZ Daniel O Halloran. 

The support from the HBAR Foundation marks a significant milestone in TYMLEZ’s journey to offering sustainability-focused solutions to the market. Prior to the partnership, TYMLEZ had been developing its own blockchain platform known as TBSP (TYMLEZ Blockchain Solution Platform). Ongoing development and the need for a public consensus layer proved to be a major roadblock in the onboarding of new customers and the development of new solutions. After an exhaustive search and examination of a number of blockchain platforms including Solana and Hyperledger, TYMLEZ opted to partner with the HBAR Foundation, and use Hedera due to its ability to process large numbers of transactions each second and its focus on low energy usage.

“The transition from EVM based solutions to Hedera was an important step for TYMLEZ, it simplifies the offering for businesses who often neither want to be involved in securing the network nor the handling of cryptocurrency to participate in the ecosystem. Hedera allows us to abstract all of this from the business arrangement while maintaining the stringent performance, security and reliability needs of enterprise, all while being able to provide accurate and predictable cost forecasting. This is something which other blockchain platforms cannot provide,” said CTO of TYMLEZ Dan Voyce. 

“TYMLEZ is excited by the opportunities that this new partnership with the HBAR Foundation presents and the benefits it will bring to our clients. After working closely with the HBAR Foundation and Hedera over the last several months, we’re looking forward to our ongoing relationship. TYMLEZ offers sustainability focused solutions for companies and governments in Australia and Europe, all of which will greatly benefit from the performance and sustainability of the Hedera network,” said TYMLEZ Operations Manager Eoin Flynn. 

“TYMLEZ aims to be the preeminent Hedera partner in Australia to track and trace ESG related data for ongoing reporting. TYMLEZ’s plan is to implement a full ESG compliance reporting platform using tokenization of carbon as the primary accounting unit. The tokens will be minted and burned as required to accomplish this. TYMLEZ is actively engaging with large-scale private, public, and government entities with regards to partnerships and will utilize the open source Guardian for these partnerships, aiming for a high number of transactions using the Hedera Consensus Service and Token Service,” said Rob Allen SVP of Ecosystem Acceleration at the HBAR Foundation.

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