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Tuum Technologies Launches its Identity Metamask Snap for Decentralized Identity on Hedera

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Jim Nasr
July 6, 2023

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Tuum Technologies’ Identity Snap on Metamask for developers looking to build out Digital Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs) on the Hedera network. 

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is one of the most promising areas of growth for blockchain technology and a core part of the Web3 vision of enabling users to control their own data in the digital world. However, the need for proper tooling has left the industry grappling with unverified data and limited capabilities.

Tuum Technologies firmly believes that a new layer of the web is emerging—one that craves verifiable data, driven primarily by the rising demand for artificial intelligence. As the market seeks reliable AI/ML solutions, the significance of decentralized technologies capable of issuing, verifying, and revoking credentials cannot be understated. 

Identity Snap is a sophisticated plugin that seamlessly integrates with a wide range of applications, augmenting the native capabilities of MetaMask. This powerful tool extends MetaMask's features by introducing support for DIDs and VCs specifically on the Hedera network. Through a user-friendly API, users can easily create their own unique DID using their private key and Hedera Account ID.

Through this Metamask Snap, developers now have the tooling to harness the full potential of SSI. This is a game-changing addition to both the Hedera and Metamask ecosystems, enabling developers to unlock advanced identity management functionalities for their applications.

Recognizing the importance of advanced tooling in driving the widespread adoption of Decentralized Identity, the founders of Tuum Technologies deliberately chose to build on the Hedera network. Their decision was fueled by Hedera's unmatched scalability, robust network infrastructure, and the DID development efforts already in progress with Swirlds Labs.

“Hedera is a DLT platform with enormous potential for use as a foundation for decentralized identity,” said Jim Nasr, Acoer CEO. “I believe what Tuum has done in bridging Hedera to Metamask for decentralized identity both increases and eases adoption of Hedera-based DIDs, and can be an application enabler for many different uses and industries.” 

Donald Bullers, CEO of Tuum Technologies, commented, "As part of Tuum Technologies' ongoing mission to propel decentralized identity technology forward, our partnership with the HBAR Foundation empowers developers to extend Hedera DID ownership to every project within the ecosystem. This implementation showcases the utility and potential of decentralized identity, while seamlessly integrating support for Hedera DIDs, and opens the door to onboard users from outside the current ecosystem by tapping into MetaMask's vast user base."

“It is noteworthy that Tuum deployed Hedera-based DIDs on MetaMask Snap, given the platform’s broad userbase. It is indicative of our focus on broad-based adoption by users and developers and we look forward to collaborating with Tuum as we move into an era of decentralized identity that underscores all on-chain activity”, says Elaine Song, VP of Strategy at the HBAR Foundation. 

About Tuum Technologies 

For more information about Tuum Technologies visit: https://www.tuum.tech/

And find Identity Snap documentation here.

Social Media: https://twitter.com/TuumTech.

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