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Staking Rewards Provides Hedera Data Tracking to 300,000+ Monthly Users

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Grace Pfluger
July 27, 2023

The integration brings more eyes to the Hedera ecosystem and provides greater staking data transparency.

We’re excited to announce that Staking Rewards, a market leader in Web3 staking data and research, has added Hedera to their staking explorer. Through this integration, over 300,000+ monthly users will have access to staking data and education on Hedera.

Alongside generating greater exposure to the Hedera ecosystem, this integration provides greater transparency and access to data on Hedera - critical components of a safe and secure Web3 ecosystem. 

By offering insights and tools for both individual and institutional investors through live market data, easy-to-use portfolio and calculator tools, and in-depth research on the staking industry, Staking Rewards strives to increase transparency in the crypto staking industry.

The Staking Rewards Hedera dashboard.

Staking Rewards: Under The Hood

At the core of their products is the powerful Staking Rewards API, offering compatibility with over 170 Proof of Stake protocols and supporting more than 50 globally recognized validators. 

This comprehensive data repository is meticulously curated, enriched, optimized, and updated on a daily basis, catering to a diverse clientele that includes financial institutions, exchanges, staking providers, custodians, dApps, and digital wallets.

Part of their effort towards transparency is their The Verified Staking Program (VSP), which has attracted the participation of 48 leading providers within just one year. The VSP is a rating system that allows for benchmarking and due diligence. 

In addition to providing data aggregation and analysis, Staking Rewards also hosts The Staking Summit, a platform for learning, collaboration, and networking within the staking industry. This event brings together validators, protocols, institutions, and all key players involved in PoS blockchain infrastructure. 

We look forward to adding Staking Rewards expertise and participation to our ecosystem.