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Reality+ Chooses Hedera to Mint, Sell, and Trade Digital Collectibles For Global Brands and IP

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Alex Russman
January 24, 2024

Reality+ has partnered with The HBAR Foundation to provide best-in-class digital collectibles solutions using the Hedera network for all its next generation Web3 projects for their global brand clients.

Reality+ assists global brands  including BBC Studios, ITV Studios, FIFA and Paul Frank  to Navigate the transition to the new generation of the web through immersive experiences including games, the metaverse and digital collectibles, and will use Hedera Network Services exclusively for all its projects going forward due to its market-leading performance and functionality.

Hedera offers low, fixed fees and immutable royalties enforced on-chain at the protocol level, scalable transactions, and a carbon-negative footprint, making it the premier network for offering the latest decentralized technologies. 

Hedera is purpose-built to deliver seamless Web3 experiences at scale. The network can process 10,000+ transactions in a single shard and on-ledger, without compromising on network security, sustainability, or stability. 

Reality+ will use Hedera to mint a staggering 1.4 million digital collectibles, which have already been purchased by gamers across its portfolio of games. Hedera’s consensus is also incredibly lightweight, allowing for the cost per transaction to be very small — around $0.0001 USD. 

Beyond technical performance, Hedera is also the most sustainable public distributed ledger, based on average energy consumed per transaction (0.00017 kWh), according to a recent study conducted by University College London.

Tony Pearce, CEO & Co-Founder of Reality+, said: “We are delighted to be using the Hedera Network exclusively for all of our projects going forward, with the benefits clear to see for both our brand partners and fans of our content alike. Together we look forward to delivering an exciting, fast, scalable and sustainable future for entertainment content powered by Hedera’s unique Hashgraph technology.” 

“The Hedera network is purpose-built to enable large-scale tokenization,” said Shayne Higdon, CEO of The HBAR Foundation. “Through this multi-year partnership, we look forward to combining the unique benefits of digital collectibles on the network with the rich industry expertise of Reality+ & their partnership with global brands to seamlessly enter the world of Web3 and establish their home on Hedera.”

Alex Russman, Head of the Consumer Engagement Fund, added “Through projects such as Road Code and FIFA  OwnTheZone, Reality+ has brought leading sports IP into Web3, using Hedera’s technology. We are excited for Reality+ ongoing partnership with THF, supporting the world’s best brands on their journey into cutting-edge technology’. 

About Reality+

Reality+ helps worldwide brands transition to Web3 with bespoke product, community and development strategies backed by an award-winning technology platform. From metaverse integration to generative collectibles, video games and beyond, Reality+ are pioneers in the space and leading the conversation in the blockchain industry. We’re creating innovative and successful products and revenue streams for the world’s biggest media brands (FIFA, BBC Studios, ITV Studios, Paul Frank) with sustainability, creativity, and utility at the forefront. We work with partners around the world to help them not only build Web3 applications and campaigns but become true leaders and innovators in the digital economy of the future. For more information, visit www.realityplus.com 

About The HBAR Foundation

The HBAR Foundation supports the creation of Web3 communities built on the Hedera network, by empowering and funding the builders developing these communities. The Foundation’s six funds - focused on the Crypto Economy, Metaverse, Sustainability, Fintech, Privacy, and Female Founders - each support communities within those areas, and the interconnectedness enables applications to participate as part of a larger ecosystem

The collective power of these funds enables entrepreneurs, developers, and enterprises of all sizes to tackle some of the world’s largest problems, and create and control their own economies, all built on the Hedera public network. Whether you’re building something new or migrating an existing EVM-based application and community, the HBAR Foundation is here to support you. For additional information, please visit https://hbarfoundation.org.