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PrivacyCheq and Dropp Partner to Streamline Consumer Microearnings from Private Data Usage

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Elaine Song
August 16, 2022

Ad networks to pay millions of daily of micro incentive payments to  users’ Dropp wallets

August 16, 2022 – York, PA, USA – Today, PrivacyCheq announced it has entered a partnership  agreement with micropayment service Dropp to enable Dropp users to receive and manage payments  from ad networks for the use of their private data. PrivacyCheq’s Consentive consent management  service offers advertising networks a clear solution to the problem of very low user consent uptake by  including users in the economic flow created by their private data.  

PrivacyCheq CEO Roy Smith said “While advertising networks have historically had many millions of revenue generating “conversions” per day, in 2022, new privacy regulations requiring user consent and the death of “cookie banners” have created a crippling revenue decline that threatens both ad networks and the content publishers that depend on them for revenue. This year begins the “post cookie” era, and  only 5-7% of users are now giving their consent for private data usage. To survive, ad networks need to increase the number of users who will give consent while also complying with privacy regulations. Consentive solves both of these problems by offering users the incentive of a share of the profits generated by their private data with a friendly, privacy compliant user experience that builds trust.” 

“The notion of ad networks paying micropayments to millions of users is completely new, and we know it is very important to offer a complete end-to-end solution to connect users with the incentive  payments they will receive. We are very pleased to partner with Dropp to complete the user incentive  payment side of the Consentive ecosystem. Dropp and PrivacyCheq have both received grants from The HBAR Foundation to promote new distributed ledger use cases like this.” 

Dropp CEO and Founder Sushil Prabhu said “We are very excited about our strategic partnership with PrivacyCheq to enable ad networks to make micro-deposits to consumers on the Dropp micro-payment  platform. Dropp is a micropayment platform for consumers to make micro-payments and receive micro deposits through cash credits, digital assets, and offers from merchants. Dropp’s integration with  PrivacyCheq will result in a fully functional private data ecosystem that will be a win-win solution for both consumers and the ad networks. We are thrilled that Dropp will be an integral part of a solution that will help save the advertising and publishing businesses with privacy compliance.” 

The Consentive service will be launched in Q1 2023. Publishers and ad networks interested in participating in the launch can reach the company at www.consentive.com

About PrivacyCheq 

Since its founding in 2013, PrivacyCheq has been a leader in the regulatory compliance tech industry,  offering a variety of cloud services facilitating operational compliance with CCPA, CPRA, GDPR, CCPA,  COPPA, PIPEDA, and LGPD. For more information visit https://www.PrivacyCheq.com.For more  information visit http://www.PrivacyCheq.com. 

About Dropp 

Dropp is a micropayment service for small transactions helping consumers to purchase small-value  goods and services instantly without sharing personal details. Dropp maintains the privacy of purchases  to the user, placing the consumer in complete control of their data. Consumers can download Dropp on  Google Play and the Apple Store; it is also available on Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and  Mozilla Firefox. Visit https://www.dropp.cc for more information.