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NFTier Founder Discusses New Features, NFT Inclusivity On Hedera

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Alex Russman
August 31, 2023

The NFTier platform (now Tierbot) makes data approachable for everyone in the Hedera community by translating metrics from over 3,000 NFT collections indexed from the Hedera network into simple charts that are accessible from an intuitive, easy-to-understand user interface.  

We chatted with NFTier Founder Michael Kantor about everything from why he built the all-in-one NFT tool, newly launched and free features - including alerts and Advanced Analytics - and how Hedera makes it all possible.  

Check out our interview and TLDR video that covers NFTiers new features below.

THF: Thanks for joining us, MichaelCan you speak a bit about the genesis of NFTier?

Michael Kantor: NFTier is an all-in-one tool for Hedera NFT collectors that provides the community with a smart-contract launch pad, rarity engine, customized alerts and Advanced Analytics insights.

But our goal isn’t just to give people data, it’s to give everyone the ability to see and understand NFT metrics, define which they value most, and make data-driven decisions about which project they’d like to support.  

Like a lot of people, when I was buying my first NFT the first question I had was “How do I value what I’m about to buy? and the tools available at that time either didn’t exist or were prohibitively expensive.   

THF:  And how does that experience figure into the company ethos?

Michael Kantor: Put simply, we want to help everyone build emotionally satisfying collections that are also packed with value. 

On top of all the data from sale price and floor price to volume and rarity, and the thousands of other metrics people weigh differently, there’s also a lot of emotion behind any NFT decision. 

Our community can use analytics to ensure they’re not getting the short end of the stick on price and for those who really love the NFTs they own, they can even head to our in-app print shop which enables NFT printing from your collection onto stickers, canvases and t-shirts.  

THF: Nice. Are there any new features to help people reach those collection goals?

Michael Kantor: Two new features are our new ‘Listings Tool’ and customizable alerts. 

Listings Tool enables people to spot when a large increase in listings occurs in near-real time and provides a one-click purchase button to take advantage of deals across the Hedera NFT ecosystem. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to spot and stay ahead of trends. 

Customized alerts enhance your ability to stay ahead of the curve.

Alerts enable users to receive notifications via email, discord, or their web browser to track metrics like average sale price, % of listed NFTs, volume, total sales, and number of holders. 

Going forward, we plan to enable you to track virtually any account and get notified of their sales, listings, and transfers. 

This service is virtually free, each notification debits 0.05 HBAR or our TIER token depending on which currency you have set on your profile.

We’ve also made access to parts of our Advanced Analytics platform free to everyone. Now, anyone can check out the ‘Overview’ and ‘Collections’ tabs to easily view and track things like market cap, volume, holders, and sales insights for any collection on the platform.  

THF: Can you tell us more about the extent of Advanced Analytics’ suite of tools?

Michael Kantor: In my mind, Advanced Analytics is the gateway into the world of Hedera NFTs. 

It allows collectors to browse metrics from the 3,000-plus tokens that we’ve indexed from the Hashgraph, providing actionable insights so that when you’re buying, selling and minting NFTs, you’re not doing it blind. 

And for creators, Advanced Analytics opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to rewards and promotions. They can see things like who’s buying, how much they’re buying and how long they’re holding. 

All of this data is exportable to CSVs so they can easily store and manage this information and quickly drop it all in an airdrop tool if they want to reward the most loyal members of their communities. 

THF: Ok, we’re sold. How would we go about accessing the in-depth analytics platform?

Michael Kantor: Right now, some features are token-gated and everything is integrated in a collection called WokeFemmes.’ 

Owning and NFT from this collection gets you access to Advanced Analytics, a mode from our suite of discord bots, discounted / allow list access to many of our mints - even free mints that we do from time to time, twenty-percent discounts in our Print Shop, and the ability to vote on key ecosystem events like which collections we should feature on our homepage. 

For anyone who isn’t in the position to purchase a ‘WokeFemmes’ NFT but still wants to deep dive into the analytics, we have another utility NFT collection called DataBots that’s a little bit cheaper and works on a renewable, subscription-style basis. 

DataBots provides many of the same features of ‘WokeFemmes and you can recharge it for 285 HBAR per month. 

THF: There’s a ton of utility packed into those collections! Ok, last one, let’s close with an open ended question: Why Hedera?

Michael Kantor: That’s an easy one: ease of use. 

When we were first asked to build on hedera, my response was “I don’t know if we can, I don’t know too much about it but will take a look.” and two hours later we had our first rarity listing up for a Hedera collection. 

Hedera’s technology is unique because instead of everything being behind some sort of ERC-721 smart contract, I can go through an API to pull all of this data and create these tokens as a ‘first class citizen’ was insanely attractive and interesting.

Of course Hedera has smart contracts too, which enables trustless programmatic logic which we have in our launchpad smart contracts, but the fact that we have these native things is the key selling point because you can query these things without spinning up a node, it all lives on the network itself. 

And while the tech is what brought me into Hedera, the community is what keeps me here. 

The builders and creators on Hedera are building real products and real businesses that help drive a lot of the ecosystem’s value and inspire us all at NFTier to keep building new tools to help everyone realize their visions.