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NBA Star’s ‘Calaxy’ Proves Hedera’s Viability For Next-Gen Consumer Apps

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Alex Russman
August 10, 2023

New app makes crypto, NFTs, and 1:1 celebrity experiences accessible to everyone  

The creator economy represents a $250 billion market that Calaxy plans to capture by using Hedera’s DLT to:

  1. Shorten the distance between fans and creators 
  2. Remove barriers between creators and payouts
  3. Create a layer of digital ownership that’s accessible to everyone

Despite being one of the internet’s fastest-growing sectors, the creator economy’s estimated 200 million content creators often find themselves bound to third-party Web2.0 infrastructure that makes it difficult to directly monetize digital experiences created for fans.

But by utilizing Web3 functionality built on Hedera’s DLT, Calaxy redefines the market by providing creators with an end-to-end toolkit for selling a range of experiences and receiving an instant payout in USD or USDC.  

"By giving creators the tools and platform we need to build personalized economies at scale, Calaxy demolishes many of the roadblocks standing between contemporary influencers and fair compensation for our time and services,” Executive Chair and Co-Founder Spencer Dinwiddie said. 

But the benefits aren’t just for creators. Fans win big too.  

From video calls, exclusive fan content, and shout-outs, creators across industries can customize experiences that are backed by a Hedera NFT that’s publicly verifiable on-chain and can be purchased by users with either USD or USDC.

“The ability for fans to literally own the unique digital experiences they’ve purchased from - and shared with - their favorite creators is foundational to Web3,” Dinwiddie said. “But the ability to do so without needing any technical expertise is a Calaxy exclusive.” 

Every Calaxy user will be able to quickly set up a non-custodial digital wallet through which they can send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies. 

The app has been carefully designed for users with no prior experience in crypto markets, so anyone can create and use it with just a few taps, regardless of their tech expertise. 

Solo Ceesay, CEO and Co-Founder of Calaxy, said: “Having embarked on this journey over three years ago with my co-founder, Spencer Dinwiddie, I think of Calaxy’s launch as an historic mile marker on the road to our ultimate destination where creators have more freedom and tools to directly benefit from the value they create.”   

A host of creators including Soccer Star Luis Suarez, Cosplayer Logan Chitwood, YouTube and Tik-Tok Star Eric Struk, WWE’s Mickie James and Model Tiana Musarra, are now live on the Calaxy platform with many heavy-hitting celebrities including R&B star Teyana Taylor, The Bachelor’s Matt James, and NFL star Ezekiel Elliott due to offer experiences in the coming months.

Shayne Higdon, Co-Founder, Executive Director, and CEO at The HBAR Foundation, commented: “We love Calaxy. The app, brand, user experience, and especially the people building it are all captivating. It’s our job at The HBAR Foundation to help bring the most promising Web3 projects to life on the Hedera network and every facet of Calaxy as a business signals that it’s going to redefine a $250B market and onboard millions of people in the process. We’re proud to have been working with Spencer and Solo since the beginning and are excited for the world to experience everything Calaxy offers.“