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Momental Brings Portfolio Of Clients And Personalized Solutions To Hedera Network

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Alex Russman
March 9, 2024

Web3 Agency Builds Products That Enhance Live Events With Digital Experiences

Momental has announced that it will exclusively utilize Hedera technology to build customized Web3 experiences designed to create continuous points of engagement between brands and fans before, during, and after live events. Momental's unique blend of creative and technical prowess positions the agency as a key player in expanding adoption at the consumer level.

Rather than emulating other consumer project models, like Play-To-Earn gaming, that build apps with Web3 functionality as the primary selling point, Momental builds apps aimed to onboard and retain users by tapping into something much more powerful: passion.  

At the spirit of everything they build is the simple understanding that fans of any live event - music, comedy, theater, etc. - are always looking for ways to extend the experiences they love and for unique ways to express their fandom. 

And through a comprehensive suite of solutions, Momental empowers brands to deliver dedicated fan bases what they crave most, while seamlessly introducing them to all the benefits of Web3 that enable everyone on both sides to take part in evolving marketplaces for digital IP and collectibles.

And they’re already on a roll.


The MLPB Armory is pro paintball's destination for digital gear. The marketplace bridges leagues, players, and teams spanning 5 continents and gives fans the opportunity to directly support the sport’s growth and their favorite individual players by owning authentic pro paintball collectibles. 

The Armory is scheduled to go live in March 2024 and feature the following: 

  • Commemorative Tournament Field Tokens
    Each MLPB tournament features a unique field layout to keep the competition and team strategies fresh. Each tournament (beginning with the Las Vegas Major, March 8-12 2024) will have a commemorative ‘field token’ NFT that features 3d renderings of the layout used during the competition. Because these effectively meant to serve as a POAP, everyone in attendance will receive an invite for redemption.      

  • NFT Player Cards
    At launch, there will be about 400 unique player cards minted. These cards can be purchased directly from  the individual players, providing fans the opportunity to both build their collections and directly provide supplemental income to their favorite MLPB athletes. Players have the ability to set their own prices for their cards, creating a dynamic economy, powered by the Hedera network. 

  • Player Card Packs
    For any fans who want to build their collection while supporting the league as a whole or prefer the potential to receive more valuable cards at a fixed price point, purchasing player card packs are the way to go. Each pack ($30) consists of three individual, randomly selected NFT player cards. 

  • Wallet Connect Integration And One-Click Account Creation
    The MLPB Armory provides fans with true ownership over their digital assets. Everything is completely self-custody and accounts can be generated / verified through Wallet Connect, Google SSO, or an X (Twitter) account for streamlined, one-click access. For anyone using Google or X, a Hedera wallet will be created for them within the app as the account gets authenticated.  


In addition to MLPB Armory, premiere projects such as Third Act, and Karate Combat, exemplify Momental’s dedication to driving change and innovation and its ability to use Hedera tech to reshape a growing number of live-event industries, offering a comprehensive approach that empowers brands to thrive in the new era of consumer ownership.

From a technical perspective, Momental focuses on tools that drive measurable value and address true business problems. By staying at the forefront of technology trends and maintaining unwavering dedication to its clients' success, Momental is poised to lead the way in redefining consumer experiences.


Digital Collectibles: Momental’s in-house studio of creatives collaborate with brands to craft coveted 1/1 creations and robust serialized collections.

Custom Marketplaces: Momental can deploy standalone marketplaces that provide authenticity and provenance to products with a frictionless and secure e-commerce experience.

Engagement Programs: Momental offers an ecosystem of partners to amplify messaging, build loyalty, and create equity for IP.

Integrations: Momental seamlessly incorporates blockchain functionalities into existing tech stacks, granting access to token creation and enhanced visibility for existing dashboards.

And perhaps the best part?

By exclusively building on Hedera, Momental ensures that its pioneering digital experiences are both cutting-edge but also environmentally responsible. Together, we’re aiming to revolutionize the digital landscape, providing solutions that create a greener, more sustainable future.

To explore Momental's projects and learn more about their solutions, visit www.momental.io

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