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Mingo Apps Expands Feature Set on Hedera Through NFT Drop With Tyson Fury

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Alex Russman
November 1, 2022

The Hedera-based MingoWallet is an iOS and Android application that supports both HBAR and HTS (Hedera Token Service) tokens, including NFTs. Through this easy-to-use mobile application, Mingo aims to reduce friction for new users as they enter the Hedera ecosystem.

Within the wallet, users can access Mingo’s most recent exclusive NFT drop with the heavyweight boxing champion of the world - Tyson Fury. The NFT was created in conjunction with their official sponsorship of “Fury vs Whyte“ world title fight, which generated in excess of over 2 million impressions from online streams alone.

In December, MingoWallet users will be able to purchase the NFT using a credit card as a part of their relaunch to simplify the user experience. 

By bringing such a big name as Tyson Fury into the world of NFTs, MINGO is able to showcase the sustainable credentials of the Hedera network to a new audience - in turn dispelling the misinformation that all NFTs are environmentally damaging. Alongside green credentials, Hedera NFTs offer unique features including native royalty functions, low fixed fees, and a rapidly growing community.

The MINGO team’s connection with Tyson Fury is an exciting opportunity for the whole Hedera ecosystem, and who better person to let us know than the man himself:

"MINGO is an unbelievable platform with great people running it and who better to power it up than me, the big aul 'Gypsy King' - Heavyweight Champion of the World” - Tyson Fury

Alongside MingoWallet, MingoChat (currently in Alpha) sets out to enable users to aggregate the communication channels on their mobile devices into one place and easily send crypto or NFTs via P2P transactions. So far, sending NFTs or crypto through social media applications has been limited by the lack of integration seen by leading centralized platforms. This combination of MingoWallet and MingoChat streamlines a user’s mobile Web3 experience.

The core development team behind MINGO is made up of members from Launch Badge, a well-known team in the Hedera ecosystem behind products including MyHbarWallet.com, Kabuto.sh, and the Hedera™ Developer Portal. With a strong team across the board, we look forward to following the pipeline of developments MINGO has to come and welcoming the new users that are generated through them.

MINGO decided to leverage the Hedera network for a multitude of reasons including its carbon-negative footprint. One of the biggest concerns voiced by non-Web3 native users is the false belief that all NFTs are highly damaging to the environment. Whilst true for some other blockchains, this is not the case with Hedera. 

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