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MetaMask Snap Connects Hedera to 30 Million Monthly Active Users

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Grace Pfluger
January 16, 2024

MetaMask Snap Connects Hedera to 30 Million Monthly Active Users

One of the first 40+ Snaps available on MetaMask Open Beta benefits users and devs 

MetaMask Snap now connects the Hedera network to MetaMask’s 30MM monthly active users and enables developers to seamlessly integrate Hedera functionality into MetaMask-based applications. 

The Hedera-compatible Snaps plugin is one of the first 40+ Snaps available on MetaMask Open Beta and was developed by Tuum Technologies, a leading developer of open-source decentralized identity solutions.

The Snaps integration represents a significant step forward in streamlining network exploration for everyone who’s active in other MetaMask compatible ecosystems but have yet to discover Hedera.  

It also marks another milestone in the ongoing commitment of The HBAR Foundation and Tuum of catalyzing mainstream adoption of decentralized technologies by fostering the Hedera ecosystem to where it’s easily utilized in peoples’ everyday lives.

By increasing network exposure and decreasing friction for end-users, Snaps for Hedera translates into a better UX for everyone in our community and across Web3.

Let’s take a closer look at what end-users and devs can expect.

Streamlined Access To Hedera For MetaMask Users

Metamask’s 30MM monthly active users now have an ease of access to the Hedera network from the comfort and familiarity of their primary MetaMask account by: 

  • Sending HBAR to both Hedera and Ethereum 0x wallet addresses
  • Viewing HBAR and other MetaMask-supported token balances
  • Retrieving account information and transaction history

Adding Snaps For Hedera to your MetaMask wallet is quick and easy, too.  Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to https://snaps.metamask.io/snap/npm/hashgraph/hedera-wallet-snap/ and click "Add to MetaMask"
  2. Go through Install Snap Prompts
  3. That’s it! Now you’ve got Hedera functionality within your MetaMask Wallet.

For any visual learners out there, here’s what the process should look like:

MetaMask Snaps Info For Hedera Developers

Snap’s can be installed from MetaMask Open Beta as a JavaScript npm package on web applications and integration makes it possible for MetaMask users to interact with the network natively without relying on Hedera JSON-RPC Relay.

The stable version (v0.1.3) is available on GitHub, as an npm package, and documentation at https://docs.tuum.tech/hedera-wallet-snap

Much More To Come

We can’t spoil anything now, but we’re excited to share additional features and functionality MetaMask Snap will provide to the Hedera ecosystem in the very near future.