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Meeco to Launch ZKP DID Wallet & Token Visualizer on Hedera with HBAR Foundation Support

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Wes Geisenberger
March 25, 2022

Meeco, a pioneer of data privacy and digital identity that builds enterprise tools, recently announced its plan to launch Trustury, a token visualizer and wallet on Hedera with the HBAR Foundation’s support. 

Meeco’s objective is to provide a powerful and simple open-source interface that will support the growth of the Guardian and other non fungible token types by delivering an easy way for people to manage, visualize, and share trusted information associated with tokens and decentralized identifiers within the Hedera ecosystem. In addition, Meeco will provide a simple and consistent mechanism for people to bring their keys and decentralized identity information to different Guardian instances and will also provide a single one-stop dashboard to support ESG Auditors in their fiduciary roles. 

Katryna Dow CEO and Founder of Meeco commented: “As the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) market matures it is vital that we have simple and transparent mechanisms for people, enterprise, and regulators to share the value, and verify the provenance and authenticity of tokenized assets. This ability to share and verify is vital to establishing trust in rapidly growing carbon markets and to non-fungible tokens more broadly.” 

Meeco will also be implementing the first Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) supporting wallet that manages Identity attributes associated with the Guardian and the Hedera Decentralized Identity (DID) Method. This enables regulatory compliance with existing data laws (GDPR, CDR, CCPA) through data minimisation and selective disclosure of attributes and data by the token creators and sustainability project developers. The implementation is based upon a collaborative effort between Horizenlabs and Meeco. 

A long-standing advocate of data privacy, Dow highlighted the importance of ZKP to emerging data sharing models: “Global regulators and consumers are turning towards more equitable and privacy preserving ways of sharing data, and progressive disclosure is an important component of the new order. As a consumer, I should be able to verify that the address of a sustainably farmed cow is legitimate without knowing the physical address of that farm. And as an ESG auditor, once I have provided legitimate reasons for requiring greater detail, I should be able to verify the actual address.”

“Meeco provides full auditability of Guardian based assets which preserves privacy. We’re delighted Meeco chose to build out the first ZKP supportive wallet on Hedera and look forward to their leadership in the Hedera Sustainability ecosystem for years to come,” said Wes Geisenberg VP of Sustainability and ESG at the HBAR Foundation. 

Meeco will do this in collaboration with partners in the Hedera Sustainability ecosystem including Envision, TYMLEZ, Dovu, and others to address use cases including providing visibility on a token’s provenance information (including associated policies), the auditing and verification of a token, enabling actors within the workflow to provide attestations of their data and credentials, sharing of a token to parties outside of the Hedera ecosystem, and unifying sustainability tokens across multiple Guardian platforms.

“The new wallet capability and visualization tooling that Meeco is delivering on Hedera’s Guardian infrastructure is critical to enabling new types of financial markets to develop that use digital assets that assign true value to sustainability outcomes. Whether this is the high-fidelity tokenization of carbon credits and emissions tracing, or proofs of water rights, or even the encapsulation of data associated with biodiversity and habitat renewal, these new markets will drive sustainability economies in Australia and across the world,“ said Rob Allen SVP of Ecosystem Acceleration at the HBAR Foundation.

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