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Ledger Works’ Eco Connect Launches on Hedera Mainnet to Bring Verifiable and Transparent Assets to Climate Markets

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Wes Geisenberger
November 3, 2022

San Jose, CA - November 4, 2022 -  Decentralized data aggregator Ledger Works today announced the availability of Eco Connect on the Hedera mainnet. A key building block for the sustainability ecosystem, Eco Connect makes digital environmental assets generated by the Guardian discoverable to Regenerative Finance (ReFi) marketplaces and any stakeholders interested in auditing credits, emissions, and other ecological assets on Hedera.

Ledger Works is the first climate data management infrastructure provider to read and visualize audit trails for tokenized carbon offset data created by dApps on Hedera. Eco Connect enables businesses to interact with a carbon offset market that is verifiable, traceable, and transparent. Eco Connect builds upon Ledger Works’ mirror and Sentinel services, which ingest and watch HTS and HCS transactions in real time to help users to understand complex audit trails and turn data into information that is discoverable and human readable. 

“Hedera’s carbon-negative footprint and best-in-class network capabilities  have attracted many global ESG participants. As a result, the corporate sustainability community is migrating to Hedera and leveraging the Guardian as a way to invest in a carbon neutral future,” said James Levingston, VP of Engineering at LedgerWorks. “Eco Connect is enabling climate asset marketplaces and downstream customers to engage with digital environmental assets and the regenerative finance economy.” 

Eco Connect works with the Guardian, an open-source policy workflow engine that tokenizes climate assets, to bring Guardian data to ESG market participants at scale. The integration allows users to easily search for and discover various digital environmental asset offerings on Hedera, including from sustainability solutions DOVU, Civic Ledger, and TYMLEZ, and verify links to their auditable sources. This in turn helps to verify and audit all digital environmental  assets to avoid the risk of double-spending and ensure against low-quality or dormant projects. 

Ledger Works’ Eco Explore is an extension to Ledger Works’ standard Hedera Mirror Node capabilities, which gives the user the ability to simply search, discover, and walk through climate data as it relates to the ledger. 

“Making data discoverable is a key principle of the HBAR Foundation Sustainable Impact Funds mission of bringing the balance sheet of the planet to the public ledger” said Wes Geisenberger, VP of Sustainability & ESG at the HBAR Foundation. “Ledger Works’ makes this information on Hedera easily searchable and discoverable, further adding to the trust that is inherently built into the growing ReFi ecosystem on Hedera. By creating easy to access data feeds for marketplaces and applications around assets such as offsets and emissions, Ledger Works is bringing immense value to the Hedera network.”

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