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Khosmium Brings the First AAA Game That Combines MOBA-RPG-RTS to the Fun-to-Play Market on Hedera

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Alex Russman
December 6, 2022

Mindiff today announced that Khosmium, a AAA gaming title, has selected the Hedera network as its exclusive Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to further enhance the in-game experience and bring power to the end-user. 

Over the past six years, Mindiff has been developing the content, engine, and core gameplay. Khosmium combines famous Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) and Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) style games, action role-playing games (ARPGs), and Real Time Strategy (RTS) games. 

Khosmium is a fun-to-play game with Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) game modes across different maps. The game will incorporate many innovations to its model, like rewarding with crafting materials or consumable items to Hedera token holders ($KHOS) that will be able to use later to craft in-game NFTs or use them for other in-game features. 

As the in-game economy continues to explode throughout the global gaming ecosystem, Mindiff believes that the end-user should be able to capitalise on this multi-billion dollar economy - rather than be left on the sidelines. By enabling users to buy, sell, and trade their items as their own digital property (NFTs) in Khosmium, they believe power can be redistributed back into the hands of the gamer.

“Khosmium's goal is to create a fun playing community that also offers a prosperous and rewarding economy based on Fun-To-Play mechanics,” said Paco Pérez, CEO at Mindiff. “We are proud to partner with Hedera. This will push the quality and stimulate the development of Khosmium.”

Khosmium believes that the first instances of video games that introduced Play-To-Earn and NFTs lost the true ethos of what games are meant to be - fun. After five years of development, Khosmium saw that these mechanics can further enhance gameplay when implemented properly. 

Having searched for a DLT that could facilitate the smoothest in-game experience possible, Khosmium decided to leverage the carbon-negative Hedera after originally testing on the Solana network. Hedera enables the fun-to-play mechanics and in-game NFT experience, supporting both HBAR and Hedera tokens ($KHOS) created on the native Hedera Token Service.

“We believe that Khosmium will be one of the leaders of the fun-to-play games,” said Alex Russman (VP, Metaverse Fund). “Powered by our shared commitment to innovation, this partnership with Khosmium unlocks our ability to merge true ownership and games to create unforgettable entertainment.”

Hedera enables building fairness into fun-to-play games, including token support, NFT support, and scalability. The Khosmium team with the support of The HBAR Foundation will continue their quest to create a fun-playing community that offers a rewarding economy based on Fun-To-Play mechanics.

The Open Beta will be available in Q2 2023 with a playable Alpha ready in Q1 2023. 

Don’t miss the upcoming free NFT drop for early Khosmium followers by entering the official Discord: https://discord.gg/P3xTWjc9Qa

About Khosmium

For more information on Khosmium, visit https://www.khosmium.com/ or check out these links to connect with them on social media:

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