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Hedera NFT Marketplace GoMint Launches its V2 for Web3 Creators and Brands

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Alex Russman
October 31, 2022

GoMint today launches v2 of their platform to further enable musicians, artists, and collectors in Web3 with the infrastructure they need to safely create. 

Launched in May 2021 after their success at the Hedera21 Hackathon, GoMint v1 was a ’proof of concept’ marketplace to showcase the potential for Hedera NFTs.  Filling an ecosystem gap before NFTs were natively available on Hedera, GoMint enabled digital artists to mint and sell one-of-one and limited edition tokens using the platform’s layer 2 solution built on the Hedera Token Service. A testament to the Hedera community’s desire for NFTs, over 2,000 users interacted with GoMint during its initial launch, transacting over 2M HBAR.

Since then, and with the advent of native layer 1 NFTs following the September 2021 launch of the HIP17 standard, the Hedera NFT market has further accelerated, with the availability of new minting tools and primary and secondary marketplaces. GoMint’s legacy as a pioneer for Hedera NFTs ideally positions the platform to tap into and accelerate ecosystem growth.

In that vein, GoMint v2 brings functional updates and an overhaul of the previous UI and UX. The curated marketplace only lists projects that have been vetted by the GoMint team, ensuring that collectors can purchase the highest quality artwork from trusted teams/artists.

Furthermore, GoMint is the first NFT marketplace to introduce other token payment options beyond HBAR, including hUSDC (USDC on Hedera, issued by Circle) and Hedera-native multi-party atomic transactions. Through this, a single sale transaction can simultaneously reward multiple collaborating creators, service providers, and charities, or interact seamlessly with brands and marketplaces. 

Alongside the v2 marketplace, GoMint is developing a range of tools to enable users to tokenize their own digital assets and launch their own private-label NFT marketplaces through a GoMint white-label solution.

Through v2 and these upcoming tools, the founders aim to make it as easy as possible for digital artists and content creators all the way up to brands and large enterprises to enter Web3. Leveraging the GoMint tokenization engine coupled with the Hedera Token Service, the team envisions a future where it will be simple and cost-effective to tokenize digital or real-world products and authenticate event tickets, subscriptions, and even loyalty club memberships.

"We aim to be the go-to partner for tokenization and marketplace services within the Hedera ecosystem." says GoMint co-founder and CTO Alex Taylor, "Working with The HBAR Foundation is really going to accelerate our growth and allow us to help more individuals, teams, and enterprises to enter the space.”

For ease of access, GoMint v2 is also listed as one of the official dApps available from within the HashPack Wallet - enabling users to seamlessly interact between their wallet and the platform without having to venture to any external browser. Alongside HashPack, GoMint is also collaborating with other Hedera ecosystem projects including Stader Labs, IPFS/Filecoin, and Circle.

The founders of GoMint chose to build on the Hedera network as they believe that Hedera’s strong environmental credentials and unique governance model make it a preferred option for enterprises. In addition the growing NFT ecosystem and low fee structure position Hedera as the ledger of choice going forward.  

“GoMint was the first marketplace to launch NFTs on Hedera with their own solution - even before HIP-17.” said Alex Russman, VP Metaverse Fund “With all the developments that have taken place for NFT standards in the Hedera ecosystem since their v1, we look forward to seeing how GoMint can leverage these in their journey to bring Hedera NFTs to both retail and enterprise alike.”

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About GoMint

GoMint is a full-service tokenization platform built on Hedera Hashgraph, offering powerful tools for minting, marketing, selling and storing NFTs and fungible tokens. For additional information, please visit our corporate website at https://www.gomint.co and our NFT marketplace at https://shop.gomint.me