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Hedera-based DePIN Kwik Pik Drives Financial Inclusion Throughout Africa via its New Delivery Platform

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Sabrina Tachdjian
January 25, 2024

Kwik Pik, the Hedera-powered Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN), has already completed 4500+ deliveries on its mobile app, helping drive financial inclusion in Africa through its scalable independent network of approved drivers and vehicles.

Hedera: Best in Class for DePIN and Supply Chain

The Kwik Pik app is a Delivery-as-a-Service (DaaS) DePIN that connects local drivers with users who need to send their packages. This helps solve the issue of fragmented delivery across the continent which makes the traditional process of sending an item both slow and unreliable. 

Leveraging the highly scalable Hedera network and Google Maps, Kwik Pik logs all driver journeys as immutable records on the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) to help ensure both customers and drivers are protected from accusations of fraud, theft, and item loss. In an industry rife with fraud, this provides workers with added job protection.

Understanding the importance of climate-focused innovation, Kwik Pik also logs the carbon emissions of all driver journeys on the HCS. This enables the team to offset their carbon footprint and accurately report their ESG data as they move towards a future sustained by electric vehicles (EVs). Carbon emissions can be tracked here.

Alongside the HCS, Kwik Pik leverages the Hedera Token Service (HTS) for its $KPL stablecoin. All transactions on the app are made through $KPL to ensure maximum cost efficiency for both drivers and users. $KPL is then burnt into fiat when withdrawn from the mobile application. Transactions settle in real-time, and Kwik Pik, leveraging APIs from partners Flutterwave and Paystack, handles the offramp process.

“Supply chain and logistics is usually an organizational nightmare when it comes to accurate real-time tracking of package movement, goods in transit (GIT) insurance, and last-mile delivery to consumers,” said Obasi Francis Ifegwu, CEO & Founder at Kwik Pik. “Through the Hedera network, we immutably capture the entire process of goods purchase from manufacturer to delivery destination in real-time on the blockchain whilst enabling users and business clients the option to also settle out payments on the blockchain in a fast and secure manner using our app.”

Originally planning to build on Polygon, the team decided to move production to Hedera, citing its best-in-class sustainability credentials and capabilities for supply chain and logistics use cases at scale.

Driving Financial Inclusion in Africa

At the heart of Kwik Pik is driving financial inclusion throughout Africa, tangible results include:

  • Expanding Market Access for Local Businesses: By partnering with local businesses, Kwik Pik helps them reach a wider customer base and increase revenue for expansion.
  • Employment Opportunities: Kwik Pik creates jobs, both directly and indirectly. Direct employment includes hiring drivers and support staff. Indirectly, increased demand for local businesses helps them hire more staff. These jobs provide individuals with a steady income, making it easier for them to access financial services like bank accounts, credit, and insurance.
  • Next-Gen Payments: Kwik Pik leverages stablecoin technology, which encourages both businesses and individuals to engage with new digital financial services like Flutterwave (also built on Hedera). This can be a significant step in financial inclusion, especially for those who have not previously had access to bank-like services.
  • Supporting Economic Growth: Overall, by contributing to economic growth, Kwik Pik helps create an environment where more people can participate in the formal economy, thus promoting financial inclusion.

Already, Kwik Pik has carried out 4500+ deliveries, has 650+ app downloads, 110+ motorbikes under Kwik Pik management, and 25+ paying B2B customers in Nigeria, Ghana, and beyond. 

But who better to tell us about the app, than the drivers themselves?

Kwik Pik Driver Testimonials 

“Before joining Kwik Pik I had worked with other logistics companies but none is compared to Kwik Pik in the sense that Kwik Pik provided a conducive working environment and provided all the necessary protective gears for a rider,” says driver Christopher Agu, 28, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. “The pay is good, the mode of operation is simple and easy and there are so many incentives to encourage the rider to do more. I am happy here at Kwik Pik.”

“Working at Kwik Pik is such a fulfilling experience and stress-free because the management cares about the welfare of the riders,” says driver Maureen Fada, 36, Edo State, Nigeria. “Payment is done as and when it's due and good weekly bonuses keep the morale of the riders high. The company also promotes a sense of belonging among riders, with zero tolerance for gender discrimination.”

The Future is Bright for Kwik Pik and Hedera

Already we are seeing Kwik Pik begin to scale their DePIN as they expand beyond Nigeria into other regions on the continent. Mainnet activity is already being driven on Hedera, as seen by topic IDs:

We look forward to continuing our work with teams on the African continent to help drive financial inclusion throughout 2024 and far beyond.