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Dropper & NeoTokyo Partner to Unite AAA Web3 Devs and Gamers on Hedera

Published By
Alex Russman
February 28, 2024

Collaboration delivers new vision, AAA-friendly tech stack, and millions of fans to support both

Dropper, is launching three initiatives designed to attract AAA game developers to the Hedera network: A Web3 gaming infrastructure that simplifies backend technical requirements, a fund to unlock new streams of non-dilutionary funding, and partnerships with The HBAR Foundation and Web3’s ‘Crypto Gaming Illuminati’ NeoTokyo, the industry's largest cohort of gaming founders and investors.

The development of Web3 gaming has been a paramount initiative since launching our $250 million consumer engagement fund in 2022. The Foundation’s support of Dropper’s plan to bring AAA quality, millions of supporters, and new liquidity to the Hedera ecosystem is a watershed moment in establishing the Hedera network as the best place for gamers and devs to do what they love most.     

Built with support from The HBAR Foundation, one key facet of Dropper’s new vision for Web3 gaming builds on a model pioneered by NeoTokyo and aims to succeed where previous industry models have failed by giving gamers access to token sales at the same prices as Venture Capital funds.

In addition to new liquidity, Dropper’s vision for Web3 gaming on Hedera aims to take the industry’s prevailing philosophies and practices to the next level.

“The only way to get more AAA quality titles is by collectively deciding to stop building games with Web3 functionality as the selling point and start building ones that utilize the tech to make great experiences even better,” Dropper CEO Eric Faust said. “Launching the fund, forging the partnerships, building the infrastructure - it’s all in the spirit of leading the technical evolution that catalyzes a UX revolution we believe will define Web3 gaming for years to come.”

With the Play-To-Earn model that defined Web3 gaming’s landscape to this point in decline, the industry at large is struggling to grow due to evolution into its next phase being stymied by a proverbial ‘chicken or the egg’ dilemma:

  • Gamers are resistant to give Web3 games full support of their time, attention, and money until more engaging AAA experiences that deliver on-chain benefits - namely buying, selling, and trading in-game assets in some capacity - become available.  
  • AAA talent is hesitant to risk migrating development to Web3 until access to better tech, more liquidity, and established player bases become available.    

By building a new streamlined tech stack and partnering with NeoTokyo, led by Alex Becker and Elliot Wainman (4MM+ combined followers across all socials) - Dropper has provided the tech and incentives necessary to unite the community and AAA game devs in pursuit of a fun, symbiotic, and sustainable future.

“With our new infrastructure, we're challenging the prevailing paradigm of Play-to-Earn by recognizing that gamers seek fulfillment over financial gain,” said Faust. “Our mission is to lay the groundwork for the creation of more games that deliver immersive AAA experiences, punctuated by an evolved Web3 UX that streamlines collecting and trading coveted gaming items without the burden of needing to turn their hobby into a job.”

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