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D’CENT, the Leading Blockchain Wallet in Korea, Fully Integrates With the Hedera Token Service

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Alice Kim
April 13, 2023

Today, we’re excited to announce that D’CENT, the leading blockchain hardware wallet in Korea, has fully integrated with the Hedera Token Service (HTS) to enable developers, institutions, and retail users to interact with the network service safely.

Following the launch of DeFi through DEXs like SaucerSwap, HeliSwap, HbarSuite, Bubbleswap, and Pangolin, alongside NFT marketplaces like Zuse, HashAxis, Hedera Sentient, and HashGuild, the HTS has seen rapid growth

In order to help safeguard users in the Hedera ecosystem from hacks or exploits, it is imperative that HTS assets are protected by a hardware wallet. By integrating the full suite of HTS services into D’CENT Wallet, Hedera users can now interact with the network with maximum security.

D’CENT is the biggest hardware wallet in Korea, facilitating over 200,000+ monthly active users across 220 countries. The platform holds three wallets in its app, including the biometric wallet, software wallet, and card wallet which offer seamless user experiences. 

Through this deep integration, users are now able to leverage the full utility of the HTS, including token burn, mint, freeze, etc. This will make it easier for developers, institutions, and retail users to interact safely with the network.

As the Hedera ecosystem continues to expand, we particularly look forward to working with D’CENT to enable HTS native stablecoins, NFTs, and alternative crypto assets to thrive.

“As the Hedera Token Service ecosystem expands, it is critical for users to be able to hold and interact with their assets in a secure way,” said Alice Kim, Business Development at The HBAR Foundation. “We look forward to continuing our work with the D’CENT team to accelerate the adoption of Hedera through increased accessibility.” 

"At D'CENT, our top priority is always the security and usability of our platform,” said Sangsu Baek, CEO at D’CENT. “We're proud to be a part of the growing Hedera ecosystem and to help facilitate the adoption of HTS assets by providing our users with a secure and user-friendly platform to interact with the network. As the largest hardware wallet in Korea, we understand the importance of providing our users with a secure and user-friendly platform, and this integration enables us to expand our capabilities and offer even greater peace of mind to our customers. We look forward to working with Hedera to help drive innovation in the blockchain space and make it more accessible to everyone."

About The HBAR Foundation

The HBAR Foundation supports the creation of Web3 communities built on the Hedera network, by empowering and funding the builders developing these communities. The Foundation’s six funds - focused on the Crypto Economy, Metaverse, Sustainability, Fintech, Privacy, and Female Founders - each support communities within those areas, and the interconnectedness enables applications to participate as part of a larger ecosystem. 

The collective power of these funds enables entrepreneurs, developers, and enterprises of all sizes to tackle some of the world’s largest problems and create and control their own economies, all built on the Hedera public network. Whether you’re building something new or migrating an existing EVM-based application and community, the HBAR Foundation is here to support you. For additional information, please visit https://hbarfoundation.org/. 

About D’CENT 

D'CENT Wallet is created by IoTrust, a company founded by security experts with over two decades of experience developing secure-chip technology. The platform offers a range of wallet options to suit users' needs, providing a high level of security to protect users' digital assets from hacks and exploits. D'CENT is committed to providing users with maximum security and usability and has integrated with a number of leading blockchain networks to expand its capabilities and provide greater value to its customers. The full integration of the Hedera Token Service represents an important milestone for D'CENT, and the company looks forward to continuing to innovate in the blockchain space.