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Astra Nova, the meta-RPG Building on UE5, Moves Development from Ethereum to Hedera

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Alex Russman
January 13, 2023

Today, we’re excited to share that Astra Nova, the new ‘MetaRPG’ game building on Hedera, has announced its plan to move development from Ethereum. On Saturday 14th, users will be able to access an early mint pass that guarantees a unique Deviant NFT - the inhabitants of the Astra Nova universe.

The Deviants are a collection of 10,000 NFTs that will be used in Astra Nova - one of the first major games leveraging Unreal Engine 5 to come to the Hedera network. Honouring previous partners, the first NFT mint will be on Ethereum. Post mint, every Deviant (Ethereum) holder will be eligible to free mint a crystal on Hedera - facilitating the evolution of the Deviants onto Hedera.

Astra Nova is an experience-first MetaRPG intent on creating a playground of infinite possibility for its players, coupled with an expansive story and world for them to explore, inhabit and - crucially - change.

Web3 gaming holds massive potential upside for user adoption. So far, however, the UX has not been of high enough quality to facilitate this. Rushed production, weak game mechanics, and friction points such as high costs of interaction have limited adoption.

The team understood that in order to facilitate the smoothest UX, the blockchain (DLT) itself has to be of the highest standard. That’s why they settled on the carbon-negative Hedera network to scale Astra Nova.

“Having explored other networks, we found them to be lacking the infrastructure for the next generation of gaming.” Said Muhamed Ashhar, Co-Founder of Astra Nova. “In order to facilitate the smoothest UX possible, increase transparency, and democratize Web3-integrated gaming - Astra Nova believes Hedera is the only solution.” 

To further overcome the quality issues with Web3 games so far, the Astra Nova metaRPG will combine the following elements for the most immersive experience:

(1) Action RPG-style combat missions, 

(2) The narrative experience of open-world MMORPGs, and

(3) Community rewards enabled by Web3 integration.

The in-game economy is designed with the help of traditional gaming consultants from teams including Amazon Studios. The native Revive Token ($RVV) will be built on the Hedera Token Service (HTS).

Partnered with Blade, the enterprise-grade wallet on Hedera, each gamer will directly interact with the network, in turn facilitating user growth metrics. All in-game transactions will be conducted on Hedera.

While the first NFT drop is multi-chain, the game will be built on Hedera due to its scalability, security, and the predictably low cost of transactions that enable Web3 integrated gaming at scale.

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