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Arkadia Global To Launch New Real-Estate Tokenization Platform on Hedera

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Sabrina Tachdjian
September 30, 2022

Leveraging the full suite of the Hedera Token Service, Arkadia Global has developed a real estate properties tokenization and fractional ownership solution

Arkadia Global, a real-world asset tokenization leader, today unveiled their  Asset Tokenization solution for the real estate market. Arkadia Global aims to leverage the Hedera Token Service to issue tokens representing fractional ownership in real estate assets. For real estate companies, Arkadia Global’s advanced tokenization platform will remove many of the technological and economical barriers for users to access properties at lower investment cost.

Today, traditional real estate is facing multiple problems, such as the necessity for buyers to make large investments to acquire properties. Impacted also by the high cost of various intermediaries, agents, and transaction fees, real estate market liquidity remains low.

Powered by Hedera, an enterprise-grade, environmentally friendly distributed ledger technology, Arkadia Global’s new Asset Tokenization platform is set to redefine real estate market liquidity by dividing properties or funds into smaller representative digital token units. Each token will have a tangible value that will be available on a market-place for buyers & sellers. Tokens can then be bought using cryptocurrencies or fiat currency. Property documents and proof of ownership will be fully managed via smart contracts. The Asset Tokenization platform will also support sellers & buyers “Know Your Customer” (KYC) capabilities featured in the Hedera Token Service, to comply with local laws and regulations.

Arkadia Global’s Asset Tokenization platform, powered by Hedera, aims to increase real estate market liquidity by introducing more flexibility in the buying/selling process. By lowering the capital needed to invest in properties, the solution will democratize real estate investment via lower upfront costs of fractional ownership. The Hedera distributed ledger provides more transparency and cheaper transaction costs by lowering the number of intermediaries, while providing buyers mmutable proof of ownership.

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‍About Arkadia Global

Arkadia Cosmos Pte. Ltd. (Arkadia Global) is a global blockchain strategy consulting and technology firm headquartered in Singapore founded by Enterprise Blockchain veterans in early 2020. Arkadia Global is in the creation of ait’s cutting-edge Tokenization platform for Real World Asset, to be provided in White Label or as E2E solution to its customers. Beyond Real Estate, Arkadia Global is expanding its range of Use-cases in Industry X.0 and Sustainability, such as Supply-Chain, AgriTech, commodity trading and Carbon Credit Market. Arkadia Global Network & representatives are today covering 10 countries across South-East Asia, China, India and Europe.