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Announcing Our Latest Grantee: HashPack

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Elaine Song
February 24, 2022

Through our support of HashPack, we are investing in the foundations for Web3 and DeFi on the Hedera network.

HashPack - Simple, Secure, Stylish

The HashPack wallet is a non-custodial browser-based app and dedicated Chrome extension that supports HBAR and HTS tokens, including NFTs. It supports an NFT gallery, peer to peer NFT trading, free account creation, multi-account support, address books, and HTS support. It also has seamless Ledger support and the ability to buy HBAR in-wallet using MoonPay.

The HashPack team plans to launch dedicated Android and iOS apps as well as more features and integrations soon.

Hashpack’s Open Source Work

HashPack is developing HashConnect — an open-source signing solution to enable interoperability on Hedera. It lets users interact securely with Hedera dApps, using HashPack to approve transactions while keeping their private keys safe and secure.

HashPack's vision is to provide a protocol to serve as an open source standard for the Hedera network, maximizing accessibility across the ecosystem. "Our goal is to build critical infrastructural tools that reduce friction for users and developers." Says HashPack CEO May Chan, "This partnership with the HBAR Foundation is really going to accelerate our team and get those tools out into the ecosystem."

The Future of The Hedera Ecosystem

The HBAR Foundation is focused on building and supporting critical wallet features to serve the Hedera ecosystem. This includes greater token support, NFT support, and interoperability solutions. Together with the HashPack team, the HBAR Foundation is focused on identifying and adapting to developer and project needs — ushering in a new era of adoption, usability, and connectivity.

About the HashPack

HashPack is developed by an international team of community members and professionals with decades of experience. The team has been working on HashPack since March 2021 and launched in October 2021.  

Since its launch, HashPack has made waves in the community as a secure Hedera wallet for dApps and NFTs. HashPack approaches user experience as seriously as application security, new feature development, or community involvement. From vision to reality, HashPack is simple, secure, and stylish.

About the HBAR Foundation

Founded in 2021, the HBAR Foundation fuels the development of the Hedera ecosystem by providing grants and other resources to developers, startups, and organizations that seek to launch decentralized applications in DeFi, NFTs, CBDCs, sustainability, gaming, and other sectors. In addition to providing funding through a streamlined grant process, the HBAR Foundation acts as an integrated force multiplier through expert support across technical, marketing, business development, and other operational functions that are required to scale. You create, we empower.

For additional information, please visit https://hbarfoundation.org/ or follow the Foundation on Twitter @HBAR_foundation.