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Aniseed To Launch World’s First Nature-Based Rewards Program on Hedera

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Rufus Daniel
November 15, 2022

Today we’re excited to share that Aniseed (www.aniseed.com) will be launching its new nature-based rewards program on the Hedera mainnet in December 2022. The ‘Climate Collectibles’ rewards program replaces often underused points with real-life, verified nature-based collectibles, that each has a real-life positive impact on the planet. 

NGOs can join Aniseed for free and issue Climate Collectibles, the revenue from which can help fund a varied range of conservation projects from forest preservation/regeneration, government licenses, animal sanctuaries, game reserves, rangers, and their families, to local communities.

Based on unique and immutable natural assets recorded on the blockchain, no two Climate Collectibles are alike. Every Collectible provides exclusive benefits such as animal naming rights, visitation rights, camera trap access, or exclusive AMAs with the project. Dynamic NFTs and embedded gamification elements ensure that the longer Climate Collectibles are held, the higher the impact and benefits enjoyed. 

Designed to be easily earned via corporations or sold by charities, each Collectible is verified and its impact visualized on Aniseed. Through the easy-to-use platform, each user is allocated a dashboard to monitor their own impact, either individually or as a group. Each project will set clear milestones in order to be successful which can be seen on the platform. Aniseed will be regularly audited to help ensure that the all-natural listed assets still exist and are still being protected.  

Aniseed is a pioneer in both the ReFi and NFT space, being the first to offer both charity and carbon-backed NFTs. By launching the Climate Collectibles, we continue to find ways to raise funds for vital conservation projects globally while at the same time offering an unrivalled level of engagement for the user”, says Duncan Murray CEO of Aniseed.

Special collectibles linked to unique natural animals and nature such as rhinos and ancient trees will be available to buy or sponsor. These will be visualized further in metaverse experiences that showcase each project. For example, Aniseed will soon offer six baby rhino collectibles that will be protected in a new orphanage in South Africa and these can be visited in the metaverse experience. 

Corporations can either adopt or migrate existing rewards programs into Climate Collectibles as a cost-effective and transparent way to achieve varied impact or sustainability goals. Corporate dashboards will be offered so that the total impact of employees is displayed.

Aniseed will deliver an integrated experience that supports an NFT marketplace, metaverse experience, peer-to-peer collectible trading, free account creation, multi-account support, address books, and Hedera Token Service (HTS) support all in one platform. 

Climate Collectibles lowers the barrier to entry so that companies, NGOs, and collectors can focus solely on delivering green value. Collectibles will be purchasable with both HBAR, the native asset of the Hedera Network, and USD / GBP. All users can create a digital wallet during sign-up where all collectibles will be stored and displayed. With its focus on user experience, Aniseed aims to unite the entire ReFI community behind one platform and enable more funding for and engagement with vital conservation projects that do not exist currently. 

On choosing Hedera to be the blockchain of choice, Duncan Murray said;

Hedera continues to lead the web3 sustainability space and choosing it to launch our Climate Collectibles was an easy decision due to their carbon-negative chain, dedicated community, and low-cost transactions.”

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