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Accubits Technologies and The HBAR Foundation Join Forces to Empower Eco-Friendly NFT Marketplaces on Hedera

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Vignesh Raja
June 6, 2023

Strategic partnership set to deliver state-of-the-art NFT marketplace solutions, predictable gas fees, and sustainable blockchain practices.

Accubits Technologies Inc., a world-renowned blockchain and AI development leader, has announced a strategic alliance with The HBAR Foundation, the ecosystem accelerator of the high-speed, secure, and eco-friendly Hedera public network.

This significant partnership integrates the Hedera network into Accubits Technologies' cutting-edge NFT marketplace solution, marking a new milestone in Accubits' ongoing journey to enhance its global offerings and serve businesses in the rapidly expanding NFT market.

The alliance is a major step forward for both organizations, and it allows Accubits to  enable businesses across the globe to launch NFTs using the Hedera network. Incorporating Hedera into Accubits' NFT marketplace platform will provide businesses with a wider range of blockchain options for launching their exclusive digital assets.

This collaboration offers numerous benefits. By leveraging the Hedera network's capabilities, businesses can experience predictable gas fees, thereby eliminating the volatility often seen with other blockchain networks. This feature delivers the cost certainty and stability businesses require in the dynamic and fast-paced NFT market.

Alongside this, royalties are enforced at the protocol level on Hedera. This means that creators can be certain that whenever a future sale occurs, whether that’s on a marketplace or wallet to wallet via secure trade with wallets like HashPack, they will always receive a percentage of the sale.

Furthermore, the partnership supports the rising demand for green NFTs, aligning with the worldwide drive for sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. The Hedera network is the most environmentally efficient blockchain network, as proven by University College London (UCL), making it the perfect choice for environmentally conscious businesses.

Rahul A R, CIO and Head of Blockchain at Accubits Technologies shared his excitement: "We're thrilled to work with The HBAR Foundation. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to enabling businesses to leverage the best and most suitable blockchain technology for their needs. With the integration of Hedera's protocol into our NFT marketplace solution, we are enhancing our offerings and contributing to the sustainable and eco-friendly blockchain ecosystem."

“We're excited to partner with Accubits to bring Hedera's NFT infrastructure to a broad range of clients, particularly in the Middle East,” said Vignesh Raja, Director Of Business in Middle East & South Asia at The HBAR Foundation. “With major brands and organizations in the region testing the waters of tokenization, it is clear they must do so with sustainable practices. Hedera's carbon-negative status enables organizations to benefit from the innovations of tokenization without the heavy carbon footprint associated with other networks.”

About Accubits Technologies Inc: Accubits Technologies is a comprehensive software provider that offers product development services to governments, startups, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. The company specializes in AI and Blockchain technologies, with the goal of making businesses intelligent, highly scalable, and prepared for the future demands of their markets.

About The HBAR Foundation:

The HBAR Foundation supports the creation of Web3 communities built on the Hedera network, by empowering and funding the builders developing these communities. The Foundation’s six funds - focused on the Crypto Economy, Metaverse, Sustainability, Fintech, Privacy, and Female Founders - each support communities within those areas, and the interconnectedness enables applications to participate as part of a larger ecosystem. 

The collective power of these funds enables entrepreneurs, developers, and enterprises of all sizes to tackle some of the world’s largest problems and create and control their own economies, all built on the Hedera public network. Whether you’re building something new or migrating an existing EVM-based application and community, the HBAR Foundation is here to support you. For additional information, please visit https://hbarfoundation.org/.